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Document Management Tips: Square 9 Software and the Cloud

Document management is a great solution because it provides a whole host of benefits at once--efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliable...

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Ricoh earns ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for 4th consecutive year

Happy Earth Day and congrats to Ricoh for earning the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for the fourth year in a row. Plus, they have also...

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Ways You Might be Sabotaging Print Security

Print security isn't an easy thing to achieve, and as a result, many companies can accidentally sabotage themselves without even realizing it....

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Reasons Companies Adopt Managed Print Services

If your company has multiple printers that each get plenty of use, your business isn't alone. The printer is one of the most-used business...

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Implementing Document Management and Square 9 Software

Once you've decided to use document management and Square 9 software in your office, you might think all the big decisions are over. The truth,...

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Print Security: Tips For HIPAA Compliance

Making your office HIPAA compliant can seem like a huge job--but when you have a few tips and tricks to try out, you might just find that it's...

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Advanced Office Spotlight: Kaye Monachelli

The beginning of March marks an important milestone for Advanced Office with the move of our corporate headquarters. While we look expectantly...

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We Have Officially Moved In!

It's official! On March 1, 2019, Advanced Office moved into its new corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA after months of planning and...

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Why Your Office Could Benefit from a Wide Format Printer

A wide format printer is a must-have in certain offices, where too much time and money is wasted on sending large format print jobs to a print...

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