Prevent Document Management Pain Points with Square 9 Software

September 06, 2017 | Advanced Office

As the owner or manager of a startup or SMB, you know that counting pennies is a part of the job. Your small staff may be stretched too thin to manage your records, leading to errors and disgruntled clients. Did you know there's a better way to manage your documents that can save your SMB precious time and money?

Streamline Your Processes

Square 9 document management software is a solution designed to help businesses of all types and sizes improve productivity while saving money. The benefits are impressive.

  1. Improved record keeping. Your documents are central to your success. Outdated paper-based filing systems are expensive and time-consuming. Square 9 document management software allows SMBs to replace paper with streamlined document scanning solutions. Get rid of the filing cabinets, off-site storage facilities, and the associated expenses that come along with them.

  2. Enhanced document security. It's nearly impossible to maintain compliance mandates with paper-based processes, and securing their data remains a top priority for SMBs. Square 9 document management software allows managers to limit access to specific files and provides audit trails whenever a file is opened, changed, filed, or shared. As a bonus, Square 9 document management software makes compliance audits a breeze.

  3. Improved collaboration. Access your documents no matter where you or your employees are working. Square 9 document management software improves project collaboration with 24/7 access anywhere there's an internet connection.

  4. Improved disaster recovery. The latest global ransomware attack was so successful because many organizations had not backed up their files. With Square 9 document management software, you can tell cyber criminals to take a hike—your data is backed up and secure.

Square 9 document management software allows SMB owners to concentrate on their business instead of managing and securing their records. If you'd like to learn more, contact us at Advanced Office or check out Square 9 Softworks today!