Secure Data

Secure Data

Protect Your Sensitive Information

For many businesses and organizations, information security is a major concern. Doctors and educators, for example, need to comply with federal regulations regarding the privacy of their records when engaging in copying, printing, and document scanning. Failure to protect your documents from theft or unauthorized access could have severe legal, financial, and PR consequences for your company.

Advanced Office has numerous solutions in Irvine, San Diego, Orange County, and Rancho Cucamonga to help keep your data secure. With our document management systems and document scanning services, you can ensure that sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

How Advanced Office Helps Secure Your Data

Advanced Office’s solutions have a variety of features for data security:

Document Scanning Solutions

Our Document Scanning Solutions come with data encryption, which prevents unauthorized users from accessing information that you capture and transmit.

Document Management & Workflows

Our Document Management and Workflow solutions protect your data through a suite of security features including user authentication, rights and access management, document retention schedules, and audit logs to track activity and changes. 


Advanced Office’s diverse stock of new and used copiers has several excellent security features as well:

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