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Document Scanning Made Easier

Keeping efficiency high means eliminating as many roadblocks as possible. You need to organize your information and send it where it needs to go quickly.

Advanced Office makes it nearly effortless to streamline your document-processing workflows. Our Document Scanning Solutions in Irvine, San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga and Los Angeles enable you to capture data and documents from any source, index them and store them with optimal speed and dependability.

Benefits of Document Scanning Solutions

With Advanced Office’s Document Scanning Solutions, you get:


You can process your documents and extract data according to pre-defined rules. This speeds up document processing time while cutting down mistakes that can occur when you process documents manually.


Our document scanning solutions integrate easily with our multifunction copiers and scanners, as well as your cloud-based (Google Drive, Office 365, Dropbox, etc.) and document management solutions (Laserfiche, DocuWare, SharePoint, etc.), allowing you to store and distribute your captured documents with minimal effort.


Document Scanning also allows you to capture information from your smartphone, including:

  • Bar codes
  • Signatures
  • Photos
  • Documents

You’ll be able to autoomatically process files while on the go. Your data will be encrypted and transmitted securely to ensure to protect your sensitive information. You’ll also have the ability to access and print your documents directly to your multifunction printers and office copiers from your mobile device.


By utilizing a powerful full-page optical character recognition (OCR) engine, all of your stored files will become full text searchable. You can then locate any file with a keyword rather than the document’s name alone saving you time when searching for your documents.


Other Document Management Solutions

Advanced Office has other document scanning and document management solutions to help increase your company’s productivity. Go to the following pages for more information:

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Advanced Office’s Products

Advanced Office also has an assortment of outstanding products that allows you to get more work done. Check out these sections of our website for details:

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Complete Catalog

To discuss how Document Scanning can optimize your workflows,


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