Law Firms Can Gain Accuracy and Efficiency with Square 9 Software

July 05, 2017 | Advanced Office

In the legal industry, accuracy and timing are critical to success. Perhaps that's why law firms are adopting document management solutions like Square 9 Software to streamline legal processes, reduce errors, save time, and cut operating costs.

Read on to discover how Square 9 capture automation software can help your law firm gain a competitive edge.

1. Capturing Information

Managing legal documents through paper-based systems and manual data entry are time-consuming and error-prone. Square 9 deploys capture automation software solutions to make digitized data easily accessible and manageable.

  • OCR and Forms Learning adjusts and learns as documents pass through the document scanning software.
  • Intelligent document management software extracts data and exports it to existing files and platforms.
  • Unrecognized formats are automatically routed to users for validation.

2. Processing Information

Traditional mailing is time-consuming and expensive. What if you could speed up the process while eliminating those costs? Square 9 document management software can provide your firm with a way to deliver legal documents through digital processes.

  • Send and receive legal documents via email, with automatic notifications upon arrival.
  • Authorized legal team members can retrieve documents immediately with keyword searches.
  • Save valuable time in court with fast access to documents the moment they're required.

3. Protecting Information

Law firms have unique security requirements. Beyond compliance mandates, legal teams have a duty to keep sensitive case information out of the wrong hands. Square 9 Software deploys capture automation to keep unauthorized users from accessing your information. Using document management security protocols like user-based permissions, you'll be able to give your full attention to the case at hand without worrying about security issues.

Square 9 document management software also provides your firm with the added assurance of data backup and recovery. Even if the worst happens and disaster strikes, you'll still be able to continue serving your clients.

Is your law firm ready to take your processes to the next level? Contact us at Advanced Office to learn more about Square 9 document management software today.