Helping Law Firms Handle Information Better

Law firms and other businesses connected with the legal profession need to handle many kinds of documents on a daily basis. Among these could be:

  • Case files
  • Time tracking information
  • Billing records

Managing all of this information can present some enormous problems, especially if you’re dealing with paper documents. You will need to manually track account codes for client bill back. You may worry about having enough space and funds to store these documents. On top of that, losing some important piece of information or having it fall into the wrong hands could prove disastrous for your case.

Advanced Office can help relieve your business of these problems. We offer a variety of document scanning solutions in Irvine, Orange County, San Diego and Rancho Cucamonga to help organizations in the legal profession manage their information and their overhead better.

Advanced Office’s selection of Document Solutions can help law firms keep their documents organized and related expenses low:

  • Our Document Scanning solutions and multifunction copiers enable lawyers and clerks to:
    • Automatically convert scanned files into the proper size and file type according to court requirements
    • Automatically bates stamp files during the scanning process
    • Scan from any device directly to your cloud-based solution (ex. Google Drive, Office 365, etc.)
    • Scan directly to your document management system (Laserfiche, DocuWare, Square 9, etc.) from any device for a seamless integration
    • Create full-text searchable PDF files with full-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Our Output Management solutions simplify client bill back through centralized accounting of all prints, copies, scans, and faxes per client as well as built in integrations with a number of accounting applications for streamlined invoicing.
  • Our Document Management Systems enable law firms to process, distribute and protect their important information. They can restrict and monitor access to private or sensitive documents.
  • Our Managed Print Services help law firms minimize the funds, time and energy that go into printing documents.

Other Industry Solutions

Advanced Office’s solutions have helped organizations in a variety of different industries function better. Click the links below for more information:




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