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The Advantages of Cloud-Based Document Management and Disaster Recovery


Did you know that cloud technology can help your company implement a better disaster recovery plan? In the past, your only option may have been hardware based, either on-site or in a remote, off-site location. As cloud technology advances, more companies see the wisdom in moving their document management and disaster recovery strategy to the cloud.

How Your Ricoh Dealer Can Lead You to Savings and Improved Productivity

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No one likes redirecting business funds from innovation to operations, but it's impossible to have one without the other. The truth is, outdated office equipment can have a direct impact on your company's ability to compete. If you're dragging your feet by holding onto a printer or copier that's seen better days, isn't it time to contact your Ricoh dealer?

When It's Time for a Change

We understand why businesses hesitate to address equipment needs. Your employees are familiar with your existing copiers and printers, and then there's the issue of cost.

Move Into the Future with Square 9 Document Management Software

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Document management has moved from a trend to an acknowledged, proven system for managing business information. With data accessible in just seconds, businesses recognize the value of the overall cost and productivity savings delivered by solutions like Square 9 Document Management Software.

Does Your AEC Firm Have an On-Site Wide Format Printer?

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Has your AEC firm acquired a wide format printer? You may have wondered whether having a wide format device at company headquarters would deliver any real, measurable benefits. Here's what to consider when making your decision.

The Wide Format Printer Advantage

For the AEC industry, wide format printing is a standard requirement. If you've been accustomed to outsourcing your firm's wide format documents, there are some substantial advantages to acquiring an on-site device.

Go Green with Help from Your Ricoh Dealer

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Did you know that going green in the office has some benefits that go beyond environmental sustainability? Green benefits include lower costs and an improved relationship with like-minded customers and business partners. How green are your office practices?

Green Help from Your Ricoh Dealer

Choosing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplies from your Ricoh dealer can help you meet your sustainability goals. Here's how.

3 Ways to Achieve Success with Square 9 Document Management Software

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Implementing a document management solution like Square 9 Software is a smart move as your company moves into the future. Before you proceed with the upcoming changes, have you thought about what you'd like to achieve? Focusing on a few areas is a good way not only to measure achievement but to gain some successes early in the transition period.

Soft Skills – The People Part of Technical Service

Hands Shaking - The Importance of Soft Skills

Soft Skills – The People Part of Technical Service

Copiers don’t care if they have problems, people do.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that in the technical service world, but forgetting that will cause problems that no amount of technical know-how can fix.

This morning I got the opportunity to sit in on one of our monthly service meetings and I was more than a little impressed that half of the agenda was dedicated to what we call Soft Skills.  These are the skills that our technicians must develop and use to address the human side of the service call.