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A Three-Pronged Approach to Print Security

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Securing company networks is an ongoing concern for today's business leaders, and the increasing use of mobile devices by BYOD and remote workers has posed new challenges. While most organizations recognize and meet the most common security issues, many still fail to comprehend that networked multifunction printers can also present substantial risks.

Is Your Print Fleet HIPAA Compliant?

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How secure is your healthcare organization's print environment? With printers, copiers, and scanners scattered throughout your facility, your chances of a print-related HIPAA compliance violation could be very high.

HIPAA privacy regulations apply to your print equipment with the same level of responsibility as your network and information stored on your computers.

Take Control with On-Site Production Printing


Have your company's high volume printing demands reached a critical stage? Organizations requiring high-volume, professional quality documents may find an in-house production printing solution more convenient and cost-effective than outsourcing.

Read on to learn about some benefits of on-site production printing that may come as a surprise.

Ricoh Innovation for the Commercial & Industrial Sector


Your Ricoh dealer once again has some exciting technologies to offer through their Commercial and Industrial Printing Group. Designed to increase revenues and streamline workflows, Ricoh combines technology and expertise to deliver customer-friendly solutions designed to help print businesses succeed.

Here's what's in store in 2018 from your Ricoh dealer.

Improve Student Records Management with Square 9 Document Management Software

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Managing student records isn't easy, and when educational institutions rely on paper-based systems, the process is even more of a challenge. Fortunately, Square 9 Document Management Software gives administrators a way to clean up messy paper-based systems once and for all.

Here's why Square 9 Software's electronic document management strategy provides a much better way forward in 2018.

Three Print Security Risks You Must Address Now

Most business leaders know that cybercrime has escalated over the past several years, and they've taken steps to protect their company's network.

Even so, print security is often an afterthought, if it's on the radar screen at all. Ignoring or delaying a print security strategy puts your organization at risk of a catastrophic security breach, and it could take years before you discover your mistake.