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Do You Know Everything About Toner Pirates?


Toner pirates are one of the dangers to small businesses that it's important to know about before they strike. The main idea they use is that good toner is expensive, and businesses are always having to buy it. They use a variety of tricks to try to separate small businesses from their money without delivering on exactly what was promised.

Growing the Pharmaceutical Industry with Managed Print Services


The pharmaceutical industry is a busy and vital one that can always use improvements on-site in order to lighten the load on pharmacists and other workers. Managed print services come with a lot of benefits for businesses in the industry. Here are three of the benefits that will be quickly experienced once you have started managed print.

Gain These Customer Service Wins with Document Management


Document management provides your business with anytime/anywhere access to critical information. While this is a clear win for office productivity and savings, it's also a significant win at the customer service level.

Responding to Customer Inquiries

Document management can take your customer service responses to the next level. Consider these two common customer-service inquiries.

Making a Difference with Managed Print Services


Your business is growing. You will need some services and tools to make it successful. This is more than basic technology and office supplies. Aside from your staff, all forms of technology can work to the advantage of making your business see many years of success. One of which is managed print services. What are managed print services? Why do we need them? How can they make your business that much better? Here are three tops reasons that managed print services can make a difference with your business' growth.