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Is it Time for Print Management?

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Once you've decided on a solution like print management, you've still got one big question to answer: is now the right time? Of course, this question is a little more complicated in today's topsy-turvy world--but don't let worry hold you back from this fantastic solution. Instead, answer these simple questions to find out if it's time for print management!

Ricoh is Not Leaving Print, Despite Recent Headlines

On March 4th, a story in The Japan Times carried the title, "Is Print Dead?  With the Shift to Digital, Office-Equipment Giant Ricoh Votes Yes."  Naturally, this caused quite a stir in the printing world, with everyone from Ricoh dealerships to supply vendors spinning in circles trying to understand what they were hearing.  However, it appears this was no more than a case of the press seizing upon a misunderstood statement and spinning it into something it was never intended to be.

Get Your Office Organized with Document Management


When your office is disorganized, it may not be immediately apparent. There may be a number of things that your office is in the habit of doing that are wasting office time. Getting a good document management system can help with this problem. It can get things organized far better than before so that an enormous amount of time is reclaimed.