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Holiday Food Drive 2019 Wrap Up

In the blink of an eye, our 10th annual food drive has come to an end. Advanced Office would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our employees, customers, vendors, and partners who brought in donations for families across Southern California. With each year, we are continuously blown away with the the energy everyone brings in their involvement. With the collective efforts, we were able to collect around 2,146 pounds of food to donate to our local food banks. 

Getting Started with A Print Security Plan


The data streams that flow within your computer network are full of sensitive data. Information about the company's finances, partners, investors, and employees must be safeguarded to keep it out of the hands of thieves. Making sure it is safe on the office computers is one way to protect data, but it isn't the only way. If your printers don't have a high level of security, they will leave your company vulnerable to attacks.

How Print Management Can Lower Your Costs


Any Operations Manager or Office Manager at any company is required to know about print management and how this affects your company.

It is not unusual for a company to utilize several laser printers and copiers. However, for any office manager or operations manager to handle all of these machines effectively and efficiently can be a challenging endeavor. It is a full-time job for any office manager to keep track of,

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Managed Print Provider


Printing is an essential function of your business, but it's often a significant drain on your staff's time, resources, and budget. That's why companies consider a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider like Go Advanced to assist them with tracking costs and also in delivering the printing solutions they need. Here are just a few of the things you need to consider when you start looking for an MPS. 

Advanced Office 10th Annual Holiday Food Drive

Food drive collection boxes

   The holidays are around the corner, and it is astounding to see that this is our 10th Annual Holiday Food Drive. For 10 years, Advanced Office has been partnering with employees, customers, and vendors collecting food and other items for those in need across Southern California. We work with local food banks to raise awareness and ensure we are doing our part in the community helping get donations to the ones who need it quickly and efficiently during the busy holidays. 

Why choose to get involved in our community this way?

Exploring Print Security Options


Document security is important to every business, no matter the type of industry you're in or the size of your business. One of the key places where documents can easily be seen or taken is the printer area, but many companies fail to protect or monitor this area. Keeping print security in mind as you choose a multifunction printer and decide where to place it in the office will help you make informed decisions that minimize the chance of sensitive documents being stolen or seen by unauthorized employees.