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Why You Need to Set Up Mobile Printing

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Cellphones have become an essential piece of our digital day and age. With nearly 77% of US adults owning smartphones, smartphones have naturally affected the workplace. Employees are using these devices for numerous work functions like emailing, document reviewing, and work-related calls. Cell phones have made employees more productive, giving them on-the-go work capabilities.

GlobalSearch Document Management Software Receives Platinum Rating

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Choosing the right document management software provider is like choosing a long-term business partner. The management software you choose will decide whether your business finds efficient document management or wrestles through poor management processes.

To make the right decision, you’ll want to make sure you find the software provider understands your business. They should be a technology expert with a proven record of effective techniques to manage your business’ challenges. Square 9 offers you just that, with a platinum award rating to back it up.

Use Your Production Printing Equipment to Do Something Unexpected

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In today's highly-digitized marketing environment, you need a way to draw attention to your company. While optimizing your online message is imperative, a print-centric marketing strategy can give your brand an edge over the competition. Here's how an in-house production printing solution can help you make your print campaign a reality.

Is Print Security a Part of Your Security Game Plan?

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It may like a distant memory, but it wasn't that long ago when terms like cybercrime, ransomware, and hackers weren't a part of our daily conversations if they existed at all. That's no longer the case, and business leaders who aren't worried about security have either addressed the problem or are hoping they'll go unnoticed by attackers.

Today's office technologies deserve credit for revolutionizing business processes and commerce, but they can also be used by criminals to "smash and grab" whatever they can and then disappear into the darkness.

Why Choosing the Right Office Technology Partner is So Important

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Entering into a lease or purchase agreement for your business copiers is a serious matter. Because you'll have a working relationship with the equipment provider for several years, finding a dealer who is committed to your success is as important as choosing the best device for your requirements.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when it's time to look for an equipment provider.

How Square 9 Document Management Software Helps Startups Succeed

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In the past, starting a business looked pretty much the same for everyone. Someone came up with an idea for a product or service, acquired the capital to begin developing the company, and then began searching for a brick-and-mortar location from which to launch. In 2018, thanks to electronic document management, that last bit can wait, perhaps even indefinitely.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Document Management and Disaster Recovery


Did you know that cloud technology can help your company implement a better disaster recovery plan? In the past, your only option may have been hardware based, either on-site or in a remote, off-site location. As cloud technology advances, more companies see the wisdom in moving their document management and disaster recovery strategy to the cloud.

How Your Ricoh Dealer Can Lead You to Savings and Improved Productivity

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No one likes redirecting business funds from innovation to operations, but it's impossible to have one without the other. The truth is, outdated office equipment can have a direct impact on your company's ability to compete. If you're dragging your feet by holding onto a printer or copier that's seen better days, isn't it time to contact your Ricoh dealer?

When It's Time for a Change

We understand why businesses hesitate to address equipment needs. Your employees are familiar with your existing copiers and printers, and then there's the issue of cost.

Move Into the Future with Square 9 Document Management Software

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Document management has moved from a trend to an acknowledged, proven system for managing business information. With data accessible in just seconds, businesses recognize the value of the overall cost and productivity savings delivered by solutions like Square 9 Document Management Software.