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Three Print Security Risks You Must Address Now

Most business leaders know that cybercrime has escalated over the past several years, and they've taken steps to protect their company's network.

Even so, print security is often an afterthought, if it's on the radar screen at all. Ignoring or delaying a print security strategy puts your organization at risk of a catastrophic security breach, and it could take years before you discover your mistake.

Automating a Critical Process - A Success Story

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Recently we were engaged by a customer looking to speed up and digitize a time consuming manual paper process.  They are growing quickly but felt held back by how much they were spending in time and money on paper, service, and employee hours for a critical process.  After working with Advanced Office, we were able to implement a solution that eliminated all the time and costs associated with manual paper-pushing, resulting in an incredibly fast adoption and Return on Investment.

Square 9 Document Management Software: Revolutionizing the Accounts Payable Process

document management

Did you know that the right document management software can deliver huge savings to your accounts payable department? With advantages like workflow automation, digital signatures and mobile solutions, accounting departments are poised to see savings as high as 60%. Read on to find out how Square 9 document management software can radically change the way your accounting department processes information.

Why Your Team Should Give Production Printing a Try

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Digital production printing has dramatically improved options for in-house printing capabilities. In the recent past, production printing was available only through outsourcing or to companies large enough to develop entire in-house print infrastructures. Digital production printing has changed all of that, bringing professional results to organizations of all types and sizes.

The In-House Advantage

Read on to find out how an in-house production printing solution can benefit your organization.

Print Security: Is Your Data Protected?

print security

Protecting your company's sensitive information used to involve updating computer operating systems and installing anti-virus software. Much has changed in recent years, and hackers never stop looking for ways to invade your privacy.

Since the widespread adoption of sophisticated multifunction copiers in the business world, print security has risen to the forefront. Read on to learn what's at stake and how to mitigate your risks.