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Protecting Your Print Environment From Hackers

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The modern print environment is an entire system of devices and networks that help you share documents in and outside of your office. Since this system is so intertwined with different devices and networks, it is a bank of information that is prone to hackers.

Whether you find you find yourself today owning or managing the largest company in the world or the smallest, we are here to remind you how precious your data and information is and help you lock down your print environment, so it is secure from hackers.

Tax Implications of Section 179 on Your Office Equipment Purchases

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The Section 179 deduction may be a complete mystery to you and may seem like a complicated tax code, but here’s the reality- it’s not complicated, and we’re about to demystify it for you.

Let’s take a closer look!

What is Section 179?

The U.S. government established Section 179 as an incentive for businesses to buy equipment and consequently invest in themselves.

Production Printers: Comparing Digital and Press Printing

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Colors play a crucial role in advertising and branding. Most business owners know that succeeding in business does not mean just having quality products or services, but looking like you have quality products and services. To sustain your company’s sharp look, you need a printer that can provide clear, high-quality documents, brochures, banners, and more.

Here are the pros and cons of both digital and press production printers to help narrow your choices down:

How To Avoid a Security Breach

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One of the most threatening aspects of owning a business is the danger of a security breach. Security breaches are a threat to companies of every shape and size, if you follow the news, you have most likely seen dozens of high profile businesses and organizations become victim to cybercrime. Security breaches target your business’ and customers’ sensitive information, and they can do significant damage to businesses of all kinds.

Advanced Office's 9th Annual Holiday Food Drive

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For our 9th Annual Holiday Food Drive, Advanced Office is partnering again with its employees and customers to raise awareness and collect food for those in need across Southern California. We are working with local food banks to make certain that no one goes hungry by helping ensure that all the donated food gets to those who need it quickly and efficiently.

Why have we chosen to continue this type of involvement in our community?

Selecting The Right Printer for Your Business

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The sad truth is that not all printers are created equally. Not all manufacturers are equal, either. When weighing out your options, it is important to find the right printer that fits for your specific print needs. Every brand creates devices with different strengths and features, so knowing what your company is looking for in a printer is essential to choosing the right one.

If you’re looking for a new office printer here are some tips for help you find what you are looking for:

ENX Magazine 2018 Elite Dealer: Advanced Office

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We are very proud to announce that Advanced Office has been chosen as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine. This selection was made based on numerous standards ranging from superior customer service, growth initiative, pioneering marketing programs, charitable contributions to the community, progressive workplace cultures and adaptability to a constantly changing market.

Advanced Office Earns RFG Circle of Excellence Award for 2019

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Advanced Office is proud to announce that we have once again earned the Ricoh Circle of Excellence award for 2019! For our fourth consecutive year receiving this honor, we are extremely thankful to all our customers and employees who have made this possible.

About the Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award

Tech Solutions for Healthcare Providers

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One of the most significant challenges that healthcare providers face is handling extremely high volumes of paper documents and needing to be able to access those records quickly. Not only do they need quick access to these documents, but they need to meet compliance regulations to protect their clients’ private, sensitive information. The ultimate challenge that these providers face is handling these documents according to their rules while being able to gain access to documents and forms efficiently.

Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Game: November 10th

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Advanced Office is excited to be partnering with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team as they return to Southern California this Saturday, November 10th, 2018. Made up of driven, athletic veterans who have lost limbs while serving their country in the military, the WWAST serve as models who continue to push the limits of living with prosthetics.