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Ricoh earns ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for 4th consecutive year

Happy Earth Day and congrats to Ricoh for earning the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for the fourth year in a row. Plus, they have also received the Sustained Excellence Award for the second year. We are proud to represent this manufacturer and their award winning products. See below for an excerpt from their press release:

Implementing Document Management and Square 9 Software

document management

Once you've decided to use document management and Square 9 software in your office, you might think all the big decisions are over. The truth, though, is that you've still got work to do. In order to get the most out of document management, you have to know how to implement these solutions quickly, easily, and efficiently--but it doesn't have to be a chore.

Advanced Office Spotlight: Kaye Monachelli

     The beginning of March marks an important milestone for Advanced Office with the move of our corporate headquarters. While we look expectantly to the future, it is essential to remember that these changes are possible because of where we started and the wonderful people who helped get us here. This month we would like to spotlight one such person who has been a great part of Advanced Office’s history as we move into the future: Kaye Monachelli.

We Have Officially Moved In!

Front of office building with American and Advanced Office Flags

It's official! On March 1, 2019, Advanced Office moved into its new corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA after months of planning and preparation. We are ecstatic to be settling into a work space that will undoubtedly serve as a great foundation for the exceptional service we will to continue to provide to our customers.

Why Your Office Could Benefit from a Wide Format Printer

wide format printer

A wide format printer is a must-have in certain offices, where too much time and money is wasted on sending large format print jobs to a print shop. Not only does this present an extra expense for the business, but it also slows down the speed of your business. Print shops may have jobs in a queue before yours, causing you to wait several days before you can pick up your materials. If your business is often stuck waiting on blueprints, scale drawings, site plans, photographs, or other oversize documents, it may make sense to invest in a wide format printer for your office.

Things to Consider about Leasing Office Equipment

printer in use

If you are considering leasing office equipment, there are a few positive things to keep in mind that may change the way you look at leasing versus buying equipment out-right up front.

Let’s first look into the important factors that pertain to office equipment leasing, and then we’ll cover the positive things you can expect from leased printers and copiers.