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Do You Know Everything About Toner Pirates?


Toner pirates are one of the dangers to small businesses that it's important to know about before they strike. The main idea they use is that good toner is expensive, and businesses are always having to buy it. They use a variety of tricks to try to separate small businesses from their money without delivering on exactly what was promised.

Print Security Should Be a Priority


Why Print Security Should Be a Priority

It's not every day that you hear how corporations and small businesses need to protect the comings and goings of their in-house printer, yet it's all too common in today's marketplace for breaches of security to take place when least expected. Securing your office printer needs to be at the top of your to-do list when setting up a new business or having a printing service install modern technology into the workplace.

Getting Started with A Print Security Plan


The data streams that flow within your computer network are full of sensitive data. Information about the company's finances, partners, investors, and employees must be safeguarded to keep it out of the hands of thieves. Making sure it is safe on the office computers is one way to protect data, but it isn't the only way. If your printers don't have a high level of security, they will leave your company vulnerable to attacks.

Exploring Print Security Options


Document security is important to every business, no matter the type of industry you're in or the size of your business. One of the key places where documents can easily be seen or taken is the printer area, but many companies fail to protect or monitor this area. Keeping print security in mind as you choose a multifunction printer and decide where to place it in the office will help you make informed decisions that minimize the chance of sensitive documents being stolen or seen by unauthorized employees. 

Print Security: Are Your Printers as Safe as You Think?


Many companies overlook print security without even realizing it. Maybe they think that the basic settings on their machines are enough to keep the digital bad-guys away. Or possibly that their other security processes are working hard enough as it is. The truth, though, is that those can be dangerous assumptions--and here's why.


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