Is Your Print Fleet HIPAA Compliant?

April 12, 2018 | Advanced Office

How secure is your healthcare organization's print environment? With printers, copiers, and scanners scattered throughout your facility, your chances of a print-related HIPAA compliance violation could be very high.

HIPAA privacy regulations apply to your print equipment with the same level of responsibility as your network and information stored on your computers.

Your Ricoh dealer can help you manage and protect electronic medical records and printed documents with the robust security solutions standard on Ricoh devices. Here's how a call to your Ricoh dealer can set your mind at ease.

1. Secure printing

We've all done it—we send a document to the multifunction printer, but an interruption prevents us from retrieving it immediately. While not be a serious issue most of the time, when your job includes private health information, there's a privacy violation in the making.

Secure print features that require authentication at the device can prevent the problem of unclaimed confidential documents. Users simply enter a code or swipe an ID card to release the document.

2. Secure paper trays

Prescription paper is always carefully locked away, but it's also vulnerable when placed in your MFP's paper tray. Locked print trays can protect prescription paper from access by unauthorized users. Contact your Ricoh dealer for copiers with locked print trays as a standard security feature.

3. Hard drive protection

The internal hard drive on your multifunction printer stores an image of every document that passes through its system. Protecting that information is your facility's responsibility, even after the device leaves your possession. To ensure compliance, enable hard drive encryption and data overwrite features to keep stored information away from criminals.

Is your healthcare facility's print environment up to compliance standards? As your Ricoh dealer in Southern California, Advanced Office can help you meet your ongoing security challenges. Contact us to learn more today.