Why You Should Consider Square 9 Document Management

August 01, 2017 | Advanced Office

At Advanced Office, we're in the business of solving productivity problems. We partner with Square 9 Software to bring you the best in Document Management -- a smart solution for managing your documents across the company.

If you haven't yet adopted a document management service in your office, here are three key reasons why you should consider it today.

1. You'll See Better Workflows

Without document management, many businesses lack a systematic approach to handling documents. This usually means that workflows aren't nearly as productive as they should be. With our document management solutions, you can gain an understanding of your current document workflows, identify factors that slow down or disrupt them, and implement a better way of doing things. Reducing inefficiencies and creating a clear plan of action makes a world of difference in workflows. Our document management system also works across the office so that each department can experience the benefits.

2. It's Easy to Integrate

You might be concerned about the sacrifices you'd have to make when adding a document management. While that's a fair concern, you might be surprised to learn that it's actually simple to integrate with your current infrastructure and office equipment. In addition, it's surprisingly easy to use. You get direct access from your multifunction printer. Our document management has intuitive features and easy customization.

3. It Saves You Time, Money, and Space

Document management enables you to easily digitize your paper documents. This saves many organizations a ton of precious real estate in the office. Gone are the days of bulky filing cabinets filling every corner. You can move to paperless practices in any or all department of your business. Saving space and utilizing digital documents saves businesses a significant amount of time. Employees no longer have to dig through files to find documents, no one has to wait for signatures on paper, and you won't have issues with duplicate documents. All of this can add up to substantial money savings, too.

These are just a few of the reasons why we think you should consider document management. Let us tell you more! Contact Advanced Office to learn more about Square 9 and improve your document scanning workflows.