Toner Pirates: The Really Bad Eggs of the Print Security World

May 19, 2021 | Advanced Office

When you hear people say that print security needs to be constantly changing or that print security always has to be a "creative" solution, you may not quite believe them--and who can blame you? After all, security looked one way for a long time--but that's because threats looked one way for a long time. Now, with outlandish risks like "toner pirates" on the horizon, it makes sense that you may need to roll up your sleeves and get creative with print security.

Problems and Solutions

If the bad guys are getting smart, it's your job to get smarter. That's the guiding principle when it comes to data and print security--and it may be the only thing standing between you and a ship full of mean-looking toner pirates.

Creative Problems

Toner pirates may not be the best people, but you have to give them points for creativity. After all, it's a lot of work to research your company, call you up acting like your provider, gather all kinds of details about your printers, and then have the audacity to send you toner you never rightfully agreed to purchase or pay for. Who said pirates aren't savvy?

Creative Solutions

The good news is that, for every creative toner pirate out there, you've got an excellent print security solution right inside your business. Here are a few clever solutions:

  • Give employees a "scam script."

It can be overwhelming to get cornered by a toner pirate. To help employees manage these situations, provide a "scam script" they can use to guide them into questions that will make these pirates reveal their hands (or hooks?)--for example, "Let me check on this. What number can I reach you at?"

  • Recognize this and other scams.

Toner pirates are fierce, but they're not the only bad guys sailing the Seven Seas of digital danger. Educate yourself and employees about what printer security risks look like, how to recognize them, and--most importantly--how to avoid them.

  • Get an ally you can trust.

A managed print provider can help you analyze your environment and identify any hidden print security risks. Even better, they can "outfit your ship" with all the tools and tricks necessary to keep you safe from any unwelcome boarders.

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