A Three-Pronged Approach to Print Security

April 18, 2018 | Advanced Office

Securing company networks is an ongoing concern for today's business leaders, and the increasing use of mobile devices by BYOD and remote workers has posed new challenges. While most organizations recognize and meet the most common security issues, many still fail to comprehend that networked multifunction printers can also present substantial risks.

The following comprehensive, three-pronged approach is one way to address print security concerns within your network.

1. Technology

Outdated equipment and low-end devices that lack security features could put your entire network at risk. It's important to recognize that saving a few dollars on equipment is an expensive and risky trade-off. Consult with your equipment provider for a demonstration of the latest security features now standard on most business-grade multifunction printers.

Here's what you should be looking for on your next device:

  • Data encryption renders sensitive documents useless to hackers as it travels through your network to your print devices.
  • Pull printing solutions refuse release of a print job until the user authenticates at the device.
  • Hard drive encryption protects data stored on your multifunction printers.
  • Secure access prevents unauthorized users from accessing your devices, and through them, your network.

2. Education and policies

A company print security policy gives your employees standards and guidelines, so they're not in the dark about your expectations. Print policies can encompass mobile printing, outsourcing, and in-house printing to protect your documents and keep costs in line.

3. Management

A comprehensive print security solution may be hard to achieve on your own. Managed print services providers can provide an assessment of your current print environment, address cost overages and waste, and keep your fleet up-to-date with the latest on-device print security innovations.

Is your company protected by the latest print security solutions? For help addressing the issue, get in touch with us at Advanced Office today.