Square 9 Document Management Software: Revolutionizing the Accounts Payable Process

January 02, 2018 | Advanced Office

Did you know that the right document management software can deliver huge savings to your accounts payable department? With advantages like workflow automation, digital signatures and mobile solutions, accounting departments are poised to see savings as high as 60%. Read on to find out how Square 9 document management software can radically change the way your accounting department processes information.

1. Automated accounting workflows.

Approvals can slow down any process, but if you're relying on paper, they notorious for creating frustrating bottlenecks. Fast-track your approvals with Square 9 document management software and speed up workflows in every department.

  • Automatic routing gets critical information to the right department and manager based on key information (vendor names, dates, invoice numbers, project names, etc.) contained in the document.
  • Automatic document retention rids files of expired or unnecessary documents and destroys them. The resulting files are cleaner, clutter-free, and current for streamlined management and fewer costly errors.
  • Process automation reduces errors caused by outdated information, missed steps, and manual data entry.
  • Your newly automated digital workflows will naturally reduce your company's dependence on paper. Say hello to scanning and your new green office.

2. Electronic signatures.

Electronic or digital signatures are a natural result of paperless processes. Digital signatures can be captured and retained by your Square 9 document management software solution for faster approval processes and a reduced need for hard copies.

3. Increased mobility.

Mobile solutions for accounting departments are critical to a successful document management strategy.

  • Better, faster access to documents.
  • Faster approvals for purchase orders and invoices.
  • Anytime/anywhere document capture solutions.
  • Elimination of time-consuming manual data entry.
  • Fast integration with existing accounting programs.

Automated workflows are here to stay, and it's impossible to miss the advantages. Get in touch with us at Advanced Office to learn more about the benefits of Square 9 document management software today!