Save Time and Money with Square 9 Software Solutions

June 04, 2017 | Advanced Office

The first step in improving your workflows is identifying the bottlenecks that are slowing you down. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Data Entry — Is manual data entry your go-to method for getting information into your business processes? It shouldn't be; here's why:

  • Each time a knowledge worker enters (and then reenters) data manually, the chance for errors increases exponentially.
  • Manual data entry is a slow process that increases labor costs across your organization.
  • Without capture automation, all of that data goes nowhere, and the process must be repeated.

2. Search and Retrieval — Studies show that knowledge workers spend as much as 25% of their time searching for information. Whether it's due to a paper-based storage system or a poorly executed electronic file storage solution, those wasted hours are a problem for your bottom line.

3. Document Storage Costs — Paper-based workflows require paper-based storage solutions. The associated costs can add up quickly:

  • Labor costs associated with the never-ending cycle of print, copy, staple, file, repeat.
  • Expensive storage solutions like file folders, filing cabinets, binders, and shelving.
  • Off-site storage when archived documents overtake office space.
  • Security issues because there's no real way to protect paper documents from loss or theft.

The Square 9 Software Solution

You've identified the problem, now let's work on the solution. Square 9 Software eliminates the pain points associated with everyday document scanning processes by streamlining your company's information lifecycle.

  • Capture information as soon as it enters your organization.
  • Classify, separate, and extract information automatically from incoming documents.
  • Route documents directly to those in the next step of the process, with notifications that tell them when documents are ready for viewing.
  • Use your existing office equipment to transform paper-based processes into efficient, time-saving digital workflows with document scanning.

Square 9 Software is the perfect solution for growing businesses, no matter where you are in the information-capturing and distribution process. Contact us at Advanced Office to learn more today!