Print Security: Are Your Printers as Safe as You Think?

September 10, 2019 | Advanced Office

Many companies overlook print security without even realizing it. Maybe they think that the basic settings on their machines are enough to keep the digital bad-guys away. Or possibly that their other security processes are working hard enough as it is. The truth, though, is that those can be dangerous assumptions--and here's why.

A Creative Hacker

Back in 2017, a hacker calling himself "Stackoverflowin" took a creative approach to showing people the weaknesses in their print security procedures. By using a script that found and attacked any printer with an unsecured network connection (which is something that hackers with more malicious intent can and will do). He was able to use these machines to print an unusual warning.

Rather than stealing any personal information or causing expensive trouble, Stackoverflowin sent pages telling people to pay more attention to cybersecurity. Which, when discovered on the printer tray, certainly got everyone's attention!

Boosting Print Security

Although this particular hacker was on a sort of goodwill mission, most of them won't be--so it's crucial to prioritize print security in your company. Here are a few things you can do to protect your machines!

  • Change the defaults.

You should never use the default username and password combination that comes with your printer. Instead, take the time to come up with something uncommon and challenging to guess--and remember, phrases work better than single words.

  • Look for warning signs.

Pay attention to warning signs like spam or suspicious emails. These can be signs that your network has been hit by an automated "botnet" attack that could cause much more severe problems in the future.

  • Use encryption.

Encryption is an excellent way to protect your printers and data. However, if you have good print security, you might never need it (since no one will be able to get past your defenses to see your encrypted data).

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