Print Security: Are You Taking Precautions?

January 15, 2018 | Advanced Office

Are you confident that your company's print security solutions are up to the task? If the question gave you pause, you're not alone. Print-related security breaches are on the rise, but with a thoroughly executed print security plan, you should be able to mitigate your company's risks. Here's where to start.

Secure every print job.

It happens all the time. An employee sends a job to the printer and forgets to pick it up. On other occasions, a job is routed to the wrong printer and is never located or picked up by the employee. Situations like these are usually harmless, but when documents contain confidential information, they constitute a security breach that could result in fines and collateral damage your company would rather not face. Pull-printing solutions that require users to authenticate at the device can put this common print security concern to rest once and for all.

Deploy print security protocols on the device.

Many of today's printers and copiers include robust data overwrite and encryption solutions. If you're not sure how to enable yours, check with your equipment provider for print security support.

Take extra precautions when your lease ends.

End-of-lease procedures can pose a significant print security risk. Your equipment provider should offer an option that eliminates any risk of data breach. The typical solutions include scrubbing or removing and destroying the hard drive. Whatever you chose to do, ask for a certificate or written guarantee that proves the procedure occurred; you may need it during an audit to prove compliance.

Ask for an assessment.

As a business leader, you have many responsibilities. Delegating print security to an expert managed print services provider is one way to make sure your print environment and your data are in good hands.

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