Pay Attention to Print Security

August 14, 2017 | Advanced Office

It's vital that every business keeps security at the top of their priority list. Security issues and data breaches can be extremely costly. In the event of a security issue, companies may have to contend with everything from extensive recovery operations to damage control with the public.

We highly recommend keeping print security in mind when you are covering security plans. Printers can be sources of security liability, but they tend to be overlooked in security coverage. However, printers -- whether on your network or desktop models -- do need to be accounted for in security measures.

While internal security is something you still need to consider, today we're going to look at malicious attacks and how they can affect you.

Types of Attacks

There are several types of malicious attacks that affect businesses. These include:

  • Spyware
  • Phishing
  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Ransomware

Most of these probably sound familiar. There have been several widespread cases of malicious attacks in recent months, and the organizations affected have had to spend valuable time and money in recovery efforts.

A Closer Look at Spyware

All of those types of attacks -- and others -- are extremely important to understand and stay vigilant against. For now, though, we're just going to look at spyware, a common type of malicious software.

Spyware is a quieter attack, and it can affect a computer or network for an extended period of time without the users knowing about it. Spyware can infect a computer by piggybacking on another program being installed, or through compromised websites and emails.

Spyware can be very damaging. The issues range from being a nuisance to much larger problems like data breaches. Some of the problems it causes include:

  • Operational issues (system slow-down, crashing)
  • Manipulation of settings and navigation
  • Stolen data (financial, customer info, and more)

Spyware Can Affect Printers, Too

Printers are susceptible to malicious attacks, so it's important to ensure your security plans cover network devices, too. At Advanced Office, we have the tools to help you protect your network and important data. Contact us today to learn more!