Move Into the Future with Square 9 Document Management Software

June 06, 2018 | Advanced Office

Document management has moved from a trend to an acknowledged, proven system for managing business information. With data accessible in just seconds, businesses recognize the value of the overall cost and productivity savings delivered by solutions like Square 9 Document Management Software.

Are You On Board?

If your organization has yet to adopt a document management system, now is a perfect time to start. Here are a few of the latest document management trends that may be a good fit for your organization.

  1. Cloud-based document management —Cloud technology wasn't an easy sell at first, and business leaders were hesitant to put their trust in its claims. That's no longer the case, and cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses store, access, edit, and share information. With anytime/anywhere accessibility, cloud-based document management allows for scalability, lowers operating costs, and provides a path forward for the world's growing mobile workforce.
  2. Collaboration solutions —By now most people recognize the problems associated with collaboration via email. No one knows for sure where the project stands, and it's easy to miss a critical update. Square 9 Document Management Software provides single-space, real-time collaboration and version controls that keep everyone working as a team.
  3. Document security —Security is the #1 issue facing business leaders as they move into the future. Square 9 Document Management Software prioritizes security, blocking unauthorized users and providing data backup and recovery solutions in case your business is ever faced with a disaster.
  4. Streamlined scalability —The beauty of Square 9 Document Management Software is that it can grow right along with your company. No additional hardware required.

Are you ready to jumpstart your future with Square 9 Document Management Software? Get in touch with us at Advanced Office to find out how today!