The Many Scams of a Toner Pirate

November 17, 2020 | Advanced Office

There are plenty of things to worry about in business without having to add toner pirates to the list. Toner pirates? Really? Yes! These scam artists target businesses that use toner and pull a number of different scams to get their money. If you know how they operate, it is far easier to avoid their scams. 

Disappearing Pirates

Sometimes, the scam will start with a visit from a toner pirate or a phone call from them. They will offer a very low price on toner, and like any good business, most are looking for ways to save money. After the sale has been made and the payment has gone through, you are promised a date for the toner to come in. However, that day arrives and the toner does not. The business then finds that the toner pirate has disappeared completely and there is no way to contact them. 

Bad Fluid

Toner is an important part of the process of making copies, and it requires a number of specific ingredients to make it work properly. Some toner pirates will offer you a great price on their toner, and after payment, they do deliver toner. However, it isn't what you thought you were buying. Often, it's fake toner that has been homemade. It may look like real toner, or it may look too thick or lumpy. The toner that they've cooked up shouldn't ever be used. It can damage your copier and leave it needing expensive repairs. It can even render it non-functional. 

Brand Name Ripoff

Another scheme that toner pirates love is to give you real toner... just not what you thought you were ordering. It's common for them to slip generic toner into a brand-name bottle. Or, they may give you the same name brand you ordered, but the toner is expired and no longer any good. If you don't know the toner salesperson and they aren't from a reputable local company, don't fall for the tricks of toner pirates. 

If you need toner, you need to go to a company that stands behind what they sell and isn't going anywhere. Give us a call to find out more about what we have to offer your business.