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Highly Trained, Experienced Staff

Since 1977, Advanced Office has delivered outstanding products and unbeatable copier service to businesses in Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. We don’t make empty promises or pay lip service to industry standards. Instead, we strive day in and day out to meet and surpass those industry standards providing the best service in Southern California. In fact, we've been recognized by Ricoh for the sixth year in a row as a Circle of Excellence Certified Dealer.

Over our many years of doing business, we’ve learned that every customer needs two fundamental things:

  1. They need their problems fixed fast.
  2. They need their problems fixed right the first time.

These two simple facts drive our approach to the service of new and used copiers and laser printers in Irvine, Orange County and all of Southern California. We give our techs the training and resources they need to get jobs done to your satisfaction, as well as their own.

Parts Always On Hand

Advanced Office has a unique advantage over both smaller and larger companies in this industry. While the smaller businesses usually don’t have printer and copier parts on hand, the bigger ones frequently need to retrieve them from far-off warehouses.

Advanced Office, on the other hand, makes sure that our technicians always have a large stock of parts on hand at all times for new and used copiers and printers. We keep the parts in our vehicle and take them along on every call.

Also, we maintain our own million-dollar parts warehouse, locally, and restock it daily. This allows us to continually replace parts for any copiers that techs may use on service calls. We provide local Ricoh service from our offices in Orange County, San Diego, Irvine, and Rancho Cucamonga. 

Ricoh Service: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our maintenance agreements guarantee our customers the highest level of Ricoh service:

  • 4-hour or better average response time
  • 98% device uptime
  • 5-year replacement guarantee

For more details contact a sales rep for a quote and ask about our guarantees.

More About Advanced Office

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