Have You Solved Your Company's Print Security Problem?

May 17, 2018 | Advanced Office

Are you sure you've done everything in your power to protect your business against advanced security threats? Most business leaders understand the importance of firewalls and virus scans, but have you overlooked something else?

Print Security Basics

If you've added a multifunction printer to your lineup of office technologies, you're familiar with the advantages. In addition to the print, copy, and fax features, a multifunction printer gives your team sophisticated document scanning tools to capture, convert, and route information to a variety of locations and digital formats.

Your device's document management capabilities are a powerful productivity tool, but without network connectivity, your multifunction printer is just another copier/printer. What's important to remember about your multifunction system is that while it's providing your employees access to your documents, it can also provide access to hackers.

To secure your data and prevent unauthorized persons from viewing your sensitive information via your networked printers and copiers, here's what the industry recommends:

  1. Allow access to your multifunction printer only through approved devices and networks. Thoroughly vet all employee-owned devices used for work purposes to uncover and address vulnerabilities.

  2. Use data encryption to protect information stored on your system's hard drive. Encryption also protects data during transit.

  3. Pull printing solutions reduce the number of security breaches caused when documents are left behind in print trays.

  4. Printer software updates and patches should be a regular part of your print security and maintenance schedule.

  5. Your IT team can install software tools to identify and set up security protocols for new printers and copiers as they're added to your fleet. The right software can also monitor your devices for unusual activity that could signal a print security threat or potential breach.

Don't leave security to chance by overlooking the need for a thorough print security strategy. Get in touch with us at Advanced Office to find out more.