Go Green with Help from Your Ricoh Dealer

May 08, 2018 | Advanced Office

Did you know that going green in the office has some benefits that go beyond environmental sustainability? Green benefits include lower costs and an improved relationship with like-minded customers and business partners. How green are your office practices?

Green Help from Your Ricoh Dealer

Choosing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplies from your Ricoh dealer can help you meet your sustainability goals. Here's how.

  1. More prints per cartridge —You could purchase refilled toner cartridges from an online source, but should you? These cartridges may cost a little less than those obtained from your equipment provider, but you'll get fewer prints. Toner cartridges purchased from your Ricoh dealer will last longer and produce more documents than off-brand replacement cartridges.

  2. A better choice for your equipment — Supplies from third-party manufacturers may work fine, but how will you know? By the time a warning message pops up on your printer's interface, the damage may have already occurred. In some cases, using remanufactured or third-party parts and supplies can void your equipment warranty. With all pros and cons taken into consideration, it's best to stay with the manufacturer's recommendation and use the supplies specifically designed to work with your equipment.

  3. Simplified recycling —Some communities offer toner cartridge recycling, and your Ricoh dealer recommends using these local resources to keep environmental impacts to a minimum. If a local recycling option is not readily available to your company, returning cartridges through your Ricoh dealer for recycling is a simple process. Ricoh has developed a convenient Toner Cartridge/Container/Maintenance Kit Return Program. Keep the replacement cartridge box for mailing recyclable consumables and follow the steps outlined here to recycle your spent toner cartridges.

Your Ricoh dealer is committed to sustainable office practices and can help you do the same. Contact us at Advanced Office to learn more.