Gain These Customer Service Wins with Document Management

June 22, 2020 | Advanced Office

Document management provides your business with anytime/anywhere access to critical information. While this is a clear win for office productivity and savings, it's also a significant win at the customer service level.

Responding to Customer Inquiries

Document management can take your customer service responses to the next level. Consider these two common customer-service inquiries.

Customers frequently have questions about the products and services they've purchased, and they expect the business who provided them to have answers at the ready. Instead of trying to locate your company's product brochures in a binder or filing cabinet, your team can pull up pertinent information and specifications in a few seconds when it's stored in your document management system.

What about a customer who needs information about a transaction they've had with your business? Whether it's the date of purchase or the model number for a product, you can access your document management system to respond to the customer's request quickly and accurately in just a few moments.

The perception from the client's point of view is that your business cares about customer service and has trained, knowledgeable employees on staff to serve their needs.

Securing Customer Data Bases

Few issues are as critical to your business reputation as securing customer information. Millions of customers have taken their business to the competition after a previously trusted organization's lack of security best practices exposed their confidential information to hackers.

Document management provides high-level security features for protecting confidential customer files along with backup solutions to recover data if a disaster impacts your business.

If your business is on the lookout for better ways to serve your customers, a document management solution is a hands-down winner. For an in-depth look at the benefits of document management, contact us at Advanced Office Solutions today.