Fall in Love with Office Solutions

February 14, 2023 | Isha Pasari

Still stuck in that ten, or twenty, year-long relationship that’s just not working for you anymore? Is your filing and retrieving system making you do all the work, even though you agreed to split the load? Of course, you’re exhausted of this one-sided, abusive relationship. Thinking about what it might be like with something else… something that lives up to its promises and more? Dare I say, something you might really, truly, and deeply love??

I’m here to tell you it’s possible. An office solution, like DocuWare, was designed to sweep you off your feet. Talk about a soulmate.

Nicole Merrill, Town Clerk of Windham, New Hampshire discusses her journey with DocuWare. At her office, the staff is responsible for storing and maintaining documents for the town’s 16,000 residents and more. Annually, the staff processed 18,000 motor vehicle registrations, filing these documents in labeled cardboard boxes. Merrill’s staff allocated 7 to 10 days every month just towards organizing the paperwork, losing precious time and energy on a necessary, but tedious task. It wasn’t long before the Town Clerk implemented DocuWare, a digital record storage that completely turned her life around. With its flexible cloud capabilities and easy learning curve, DocuWare proved to be the perfect candidate. Merrill comments, “It took us a long time to hand-file motor vehicle registrations. Now, as we are printing the registration, it is being sent automatically to DocuWare so we can index it to the correct silo.”

Merrill has found such significant success from her switch to DocuWare, she’s taken the initiative to bring all other departments onto DocuWare as well. Additionally, residents of the town will also receive access to public documents stored in DocuWare through the website.

This cloud-based solution eliminates the stress and havoc of storing and managing physical paperwork, saves countless hours that can go towards other high-priority tasks, allows various departments and teams to access paperwork within seconds, and frees up office space and clutter.

DocuWare carries the weight of your work on its shoulders, making it easy to love. And as a cloud-based solution, it’s guaranteed you’ll find yourself on Cloud 9.