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Manage cash flow, improve customer communications, centralize document pool, and secure archiving.

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Digitize your student transcripts, improve teacher-student document sharing and streamline the district hiring process for school employees.

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Digitize documents and receipts, create shared electronic document pools, streamline vendor interactions, and take customer relationship managing to the next level.

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Integrate with ERP and optimize workflow, automate invoice approval process.  Manage delivery documents and archive digitally for secure accessibility and storage.

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Secure document storage and regulation compliance.  Manage multiple locations by centralizing document pools, sharing information, and improving access.  Streamline invoice approval and accounts payable processes.

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Automate employee onboarding and HR procedures.  Streamline account management, order processing, and invoice approval by improving document retrieval procedures.

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Automate invoice payment process and manage cash flow.  Allow for remote team integration while simplifying case file storage and retrieval. 

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Service Provider

Reduce manual processing and improve remote work capabilities by securely managing sensitive document access.  Automate accounts payable and maintain detailed vehicle fleet data.

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Reduce paper consumption and spending while improving review/approving processes and digitizing record-keeping for easier access and referencing.

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