Creating a Document Management System for Remote Employees

August 27, 2020 | Advanced Office

Now that so many people are working remotely, there are a lot of special problems that can come up if your system isn't ready for those remote workers. Your company may need a better document management system to handle employees working from different locations. 

Scanning Documents

One of the first steps is to take your company's files and scan them into the computer network. These files are then stored with a helpful file-naming system so that they can be found by any worker who needs them. Then, the hard copies are shredded unless they are absolutely needed in hard copy form. This not only keeps your files safer, it makes them accessible by anyone who is in the computer network and granted access. Once the hard copies have been made digital, encourage workers to create their new documents completely digitally so that there is never a hard copy of it.

Making Files Available

Granting access to specific files is easy when each user has their own password for the system. Different files can be kept behind various security measures so that not every employee has access to every file. Often, companies choose to keep employee data available only to HR personnel and upper management. With the right files available to the right employees, it's easy for anyone to get ahold of what they need- even if they aren't working from the office. And with this type of document management system, it's easy to find out who has accessed which files and when they did so.


Just because two workers are working from different locations, it doesn't mean that they can't collaborate through the document management system. With a system available to upload new files into, they then become accessible to others who want to collaborate on the document. A document can be accessed by multiple workers so that everyone gets to put their own input into the file before it is used. 

If you need a better document management system for your workers who are remote as well as those in the office, contact us now to find out how to get started.