8 Print Security Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

September 19, 2017 | Advanced Office

The healthcare industry is well on its way to paperless processes, but printed documents are still relevant and often preferred by patients. Even when email and online patient portals are provided as an option, many patients opt for printed healthcare instructions, prescriptions, and billing statements.

Print Security Challenges and Solutions

For healthcare organizations of all sizes, print security is an ongoing challenge. With a variety of devices scattered throughout the organization and a largely unmanaged print environment, lapses in print security are almost inevitable.

Because of these and other information-related challenges, it's critical that healthcare facilities reassess their workflows and print environment for ongoing security vulnerabilities.

A variety of print security issues can be addressed with advanced industry solutions like the following:

  1. Card-based security protocols— Unauthorized personnel can't print patient health information without first swiping an ID card.

  2. Data encryption— Protect sensitive data after it's sent to your devices and before printing with advanced data encryption.

  3. Secure print trays— Lockable print trays can be used to protect prescription paper and other specialized healthcare forms.

  4. Image overwrite capabilities— Protect your device hard drives from sophisticated hackers with data overwrite capabilities.

  5. Job tracking— Find out who printed patient documents and when with job tracking and comprehensive audit trails.

  6. Pull printing— Keep sensitive documents from releasing to print trays until the user is present at the device.

  7. User authentications— Secure your devices from outsiders with user authentications like passwords, biometrics, and ID cards.

  8. Managed print services— Give your healthcare organization time to focus on their core duties and leave print security and device management to managed print experts.

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