Helping Healthcare Organizations with Their Information Needs

For hospitals and other businesses involved in healthcare, managing information effectively is a serious issue. This can include:

  • Processing admission forms and other documents
  • Printing and storing documents 
  • Meeting document scanning compliance standards for patient confidentiality

Advanced Office has solutions for these different needs. We can help healthcare organizations in Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and Rancho Cucamonga with document scanning, routing and handling of their documents with fewer costs and greater ease.

Advanced Office’s Solutions for Healthcare

Advanced Office has a variety of new and used copiers San Diego and Orange County healthcare facilities use and multifunction printers and services that enable healthcare organizations to work better. With our Document Solutions you can:

  • Cut costs for storing and retrieving documents
  • Optimize your document scanning workflows
  • Meet HIPAA compliance and HIT regulations

Protecting your confidential records becomes much simpler with our available document management systems. You can retrieve information much faster and prevent unauthorized access with greater reliability.

Advanced Office also offers a diverse selection of copiers that improve how you produce, process and present information. For example, we have multifunction copiers that allow you to print, scan and send documents all from a single device. We also have digital whiteboards and projectors that lets you share content with others more effectively.

Our Managed Print Services help you keep productivity high as well. We can work with you to rein in expenses and waste while accomplishing tasks faster.

Other Industry Solutions

Advanced Office’s solutions can benefit several other industries. Check out the following pages to find out more:



If you have questions on how we can help organizations in the healthcare industry,


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