7th Consecutive RFG Circle of Excellence Award

November 12, 2021 | Kyle Kopp

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

               -Mahatma Gandhi


While it is inarguable that Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote is existential in its nature and pertaining primarily to the individual human experience more than that of a business organization, it still echoes with truths that can be applied to business practices none the less.

As a business solutions provider, Advanced Office is a dealership for many different products that solve our customers challenges.  But when we sell a product, like a Ricoh multi-function printer, there are other dealerships the world over who also sell that same piece of equipment.  They look the same.  They sound the same.  They operate the same.  And while we certainly pride ourselves in finding the right model for the customers’ needs and improving efficiency through the make-up of the fleets we roll out, the devices themselves are no different in functionality than can be secured by any other authorized Ricoh vendor.

So that often begs the question: Why Advanced Office?  Because where Advanced Office sets itself apart, where we find ourselves, is in the service that we provide those units after they’ve been delivered and installed.  This is the component of Advanced Office that cannot be duplicated by other similar dealers.  This is an area where we have spent tremendous effort and focus to improve and continue improving, even after surpassing other dealer’s metrics of success.

But it is easy to make a statement, throw out a claim, without providing any concrete evidence of its merit. Fortunately, we have just that corroboration.  Ricoh USA has announced that, for the seventh consecutive year, Advanced Office has been designated as an RFG Circle of Excellence provider.  This designation puts Advanced Office, regarding service and customer satisfaction, in a handful of elite dealers nationwide whose performance in maintaining equipment placements in the field surpasses those standards that Ricoh set out for its dealer partners.  To achieve this designation is significant, and to have achieved it consecutively for so many years is a testament to the superior level of service that Advanced Office provides and can be expected by our customer base.

But what does excellence in service look like?  Our technicians are highly trained and certified in everything from Wide Format and Production devices to specialty areas like Fiery, DocuWare, Paper Cut and Microsoft network infrastructure.  Our team also maintains an average onsite response time of under three hours and a phone response time of thirty minutes, to provide an estimated time of arrival.  Copier and printer fleets that our teams service and maintain experience a 98% uptime, and our customer experience interactions allow for ease of communication through several channels that best fit our customers’ needs.

All of these metrics and offerings are part of the reason that our vendors continue to recognize our service as superior among our peers, and repeatedly bestow honors such as this on our team.  But for Advanced Office, it goes beyond simply receiving awards.  Our mission statement continues to resonate with our team members: we relentlessly care about getting it right, so that you can do what inspires you.  These are more than just words, these are a mantra, and we will continue to abide by this statement day in and day out so that our customers can continue to do the great things they do.