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Making Your Print Environment HIPAA Compliant


Just like your business's desks and filing cabinets, your office’s copiers, printers, or multifunction printer serve as a workspace that handles sensitive documents with personal information of patients and clients. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA), they must be secured through various systems and processes to protect patients’ information.

Greatest Benefits of Mobile Printing

mobile devices in use

The business world is always looking for technological advancements to improve processes for offices. One of the most advantageous systems for modern businesses is mobile printing. Mobile printing enables your company’s employees to print from any internet connected device. In a world where an internet connection is more accessible to establish than ever before, this is an incredibly useful tool for your business.

Here are some ways that mobile printing will benefit your business:

How to Prioritize Your Electronic Document Management Solutions

electronic document management systems

Electronic Document Management Systems have given businesses the ability to reach a new level of efficiency and productivity. Because of document management solutions, users can access, share, and store information faster and easier than ever before. While document management will improve systems and lead to increased productivity and managed costs, this system will only be effective if you make it a priority.

Here are four ways to get the most out of your Electronic Document Management Systems:

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Print Production

pros and cons

There are significant costs associated with printing needs for the modern business – especially those who regularly publish printed products. When considering the costs of print production, one must be curious on the cost comparison between an in-house production printer and outsourcing print materials. Printing costs are sensitive for any business, so making the right decision is critical to staying ahead of costs.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of outsourcing print production:

Is Your Print Network Secure?

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Your business has poured time and money into security processes to ensure your company’s information is secure from natural disasters and breaches. Have you taken your printer and network into account when considering security measures? Many businesses don’t, But some of the most common cyberattacks methods target printers and office networks. With a few printer security solutions, however, your network can be protected from hackers.

Move Update: How We Are Making Our File Cabinets Disappear

File Cabinets Disappearing

With our move date rapidly approaching, we are taking full advantage of the opportunity to do some organization, cleaning, and purging.  Since we’ve been in our current building for nearly 20 years, like other businesses or households, we’ve accumulated a number of things that we just don’t need to take with us to the new building.  In the spirit of always working to build and improve the Smart Office, we found that we had a

Starting a Scanning Project: Things to Consider

file cabinets

We recently undertook a medium-sized back-file conversion project (scanning old documents into digital PDFs) to lighten the load for an upcoming move and streamline our work processes going forward.  This project had us scanning order and contract packets that filled 24 file drawers (around 100,000 pages).  These were files we accessed on a regular enough basis to keep them in air-conditioned office space, but since they’ve made it through their process, they are generally considered static documents. 

Color Printing: More Important Than Ever

color printing

In a digital marketing age where customers are exposed to pleasing colors and graphics regularly, high-quality, color prints have never been so crucial for the modern business. Design apps are more available than ever before for companies to create stunning images and designs with crisp colors; utilizing these available features is especially critical for companies who deal with prints that go to current or prospective customers.

How Document Management Improves Collaboration

document management systems

Businesses of every size deal with a considerable amount of document management. Every company has paperwork that is moved either within the company or outsourced to customers as products, advertisements, or forms. Even though document management is found within every business, most businesses do not perform document management well.

For the modern business, however, there are incredible tools available to increase collaboration and do work more efficiently.

In-House Production Print Benefits


Many believe production print to be an investment only for graphic artists, designers, or marketers – but this is far from the truth. Any company that consistently prints forms, memos, and notices would be greatly benefited by production print.

Though taking your print needs to a local company with production print is a cost-effective decision for many small businesses, there are many benefits of investing in an in-house production print machine.