Is Your Print Network Secure?

September 20, 2018 | Advanced Office

Your business has poured time and money into security processes to ensure your company’s information is secure from natural disasters and breaches. Have you taken your printer and network into account when considering security measures? Many businesses don’t, But some of the most common cyberattacks methods target printers and office networks. With a few printer security solutions, however, your network can be protected from hackers.

Data Encryption

Data is at risk anytime it travels through your network to a printer in your office. Hackers can intercept documents after they are sent to other office devices, giving room for sensitive information to be stolen. Encrypting data during network transactions with will ensure that documents safely travel to the printer, a storage network, or the cloud.


All sorts of sensitive documents pass through your business’ printer that would put your company, employees, or customers at risk if it fell into the wrong hands. User authentication is an effective way to restrict access to your printer, so its intended audience only sees the information.

User authentication can look like this:

  • Password authentication for functions like scanning or faxing
  • Protecting scanned and digital documents with passwords
  • Require a password, key card, or entry code at the printer to finish a print job

User authentication will ensure that only authorized employees will have access to your laser printers.

Many modern printers and copiers will also keep a record of tasks and users, so tracking usage is straightforward. This helps you know that prints are occurring as intended and gives you the ability to track mistakes.

Delete the Hard Drive

Your printer has many computer elements within it – like a hard drive. This hard drive collects data that is shared through your device. Periodically delete the contents of your copier’s hard drive to remove data, so it is safe from a breach.

Taking steps like this will protect your business’ information from cyberattacks. Nowadays, cyber attack attempts are not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen. To learn more about network security and document solutions, contact Advance Office today!