Wide Format or Production Printing—Which is Right for You?

October 25, 2017 | Advanced Office

Does your organization regularly require documents larger than standard paper size? Are you paying extra for outsourced printing? When a standard office printer or multifunction system isn't enough, the next choice is a wide format or production printing device. The two deliver very different document types and therefore meet very different needs.

Production or Wide Format?

Let's take a look at the difference between wide format and production printing to find out which is right for your company's requirements.

Production Printing

If your organization has been paying extra for outsourced printing, you may want to give serious consideration to an in-house production printing option. Here's why:

  1. Production printing is all about high-volume outputs and speed. If big projects with short completion windows are a big part of your company's document output, a production printer is a perfect solution.

  2. In-house production printing gives businesses tight control over marketing materials. Your team will have better artistic control over the results, and they won't need to work around copy shop time constraints.

  3. Production printing gives your organization control over volumes. Short print runs will be much more cost-effective, and you'll never need to order more prints than you need just to take advantage of quantity discounts.

Wide Format Printing

Big prints call for a big printer, and wide format printing fills the need perfectly. If large documents like architectural blueprints, schematics, banners, and posters are a regular part of your company's business operations, an in-house wide format printing solution can help you reach your goals. With ink choices for everything from fine art prints to weather-resistant outdoor signage, wide format printing delivers outstanding versatility.

Production and wide format printing technologies are changing rapidly. To help you choose which printing option is right for your organizational needs, get in touch with us at Advanced Office to begin the conversation today!