Why Your Warehouse Needs Document Management

December 28, 2020 | Advanced Office

Many problems in your warehouse arise when workers spend time looking for inventory, have inaccurate records about products shipped out, and count inventory manually, or using a calculator. Some of the most serious problems arise in the warehouse in the supply chain that does not have a document management system. Often numbers do not add up and this can cause issues with vendors and customers. Some companies have inefficient document management systems that show differences in the stock counted and what is displayed on the computer. At Advanced Office we have the right document management software for your warehouse.

Perhaps your business is growing rapidly and your software is not keeping pace with the warehouse. Your employees are tired of counting inventory or using a calculator. There are often inaccuracies that can be hard to ignore. The new software allows your employees to work faster deliver products to customers in a timely manner and reduce errors. Our system lets workers scan documents and access them from any location and work with customers and vendors smoothly. Our document management systems at Advanced Office streamlines your workload. Our software is designed for small, medium, or large warehouses.

Document Management and Your Warehouse

Warehouse workers can scan shipments when they arrive and keep track of inventory with ease. When a salesman visits or vendor they can locate a shipment order and when it will arrive. The purchase order and documents are located in the same folder. When customers receive their order they are updated and the vendor can tell their client their product have arrived. There is a more organized way to tell if a product is non the purchase order. They can scan boxes of products or individual ones. When you have several employees, you can use more than one scanner. It allows you to track orders, keep track of inventory, and shipments. The new software will streamline your warehouse process.

Benefits of Document Management in the Warehouse

It saves time and money because it organizes the operations in the warehouse. It has user control and ensures the right people see the documents and handle them. Each document is tracked and saved. You never lose track of what happened Analytics and dashboards help your team to make better business decisions. It allows you to work from any location, manage contracts, invoices, and inventory. It supports desktops, tablets, mobile devices,  and smartphones. It can help keep you in state and federal compliance when the rules often change. It can help with relationships with vendors, employees, and customers.

We can install copiers and scanners with the document system so that salespeople and vendors get copies of invoices and shipment orders. We will visit your warehouse and analyze how you work to determine the best document management system for your needs. We offer the right solutions based on your goals and organizational needs. Our customer service provides online support and customers can call them for support.

Contact us about document management for your warehouse today, by filling out the online form or calling one of our four offices in California for an appointment today. We want to help you organize your warehouse.