Why Your Office Could Benefit from a Wide Format Printer

March 12, 2019 | Advanced Office

A wide format printer is a must-have in certain offices, where too much time and money is wasted on sending large format print jobs to a print shop. Not only does this present an extra expense for the business, but it also slows down the speed of your business. Print shops may have jobs in a queue before yours, causing you to wait several days before you can pick up your materials. If your business is often stuck waiting on blueprints, scale drawings, site plans, photographs, or other oversize documents, it may make sense to invest in a wide format printer for your office. To determine whether your office can benefit from this type of printer, it's important to consider the type of printing you currently do, and whether having an in house wide format printer will help to streamline these printing jobs.

How Does a Wide Format Printer Work?

Similar to the printer you may have in-house now, a wide format printer creates images and documents within the parameters you set. The larger size of this kind of printer gives you the ability to create documents that must be larger than the typical letter or legal sizes, such as architectural drawings or large scale photos. You can also use this printer for regular documents and everyday print jobs.

Industries With a Need for Larger Format Printing

The ability to print in a wider format can come in handy in a variety of industries, including:

  • Engineering, construction, and architecture
  • Art, photography or graphic design
  • Marketing, printing, and advertising

Outside of these industries, the usefulness of a wide format printer may be limited. However, nearly all businesses can save on advertising costs by using an in house wide format printer to make their own promotional signs and banners. If you are about to start a big advertising campaign or need to draw awareness of your location, keeping these tasks in-house can save a chunk of your marketing budget.

If you are looking for a wide format printer to add to your office space, contact Advanced Office today. Our team of office solutions experts can help you find the right printer for your needs while staying within your budget.