Why Managed Print Services Are Really Worth It

August 05, 2020 | Advanced Office

The many services that go into managed print services are well worth the price of the contract. Here are just a few ways that these services can make things easier and less expensive for your business. 

Repairs and General Maintenance

No matter how great a printer is, it will occasionally need repair. And, to keep printers running at their peak performance, they will occasionally require a maintenance appointment. All of these are necessary, but they can be pricey if you don't have a managed print services contract in place. Maintenance and repairs are a part of the broad range of services that companies need when they have a printer fleet, and they are made far easier to schedule, as well as to pay for, with managed print services in place. And, there are even some printer problems that your provider will be able to solve remotely. 

Assessing Your Fleet

One of the best things about managed print services is often learning more about your fleet and how it can be made better. Not all printers are created equal, and the initial assessment will let you know which printers are too clumsy and expensive to use and which ones should stay in the fleet. You are also advised if you need replacements for older models that need a lot of repairs or simply need new printers to keep up with printing volume. This makes the entire fleet stronger, and it makes printing easier for everyone in the office. 

Printer Training for Your Staff

There are so many features on today's printers that it's common for staff members not to know how to use the printers in the office. With managed print services, user training can be offered so that all of the features can be used for maximum efficiency. It's excellent having high-quality printers, but if no one knows how to use them, their features will go to waste. With the right training and configuration of the printers to your networks, your fleet can be as efficient as possible. 

Security Protocol

Every aspect of a business has to include security these days, and using the printer fleet is no different. Your managed services provider will be able to assist you with that security through several security protocols. One of these is to update the software as updates become available and to install the necessary security patches. Another is to change the initial passwords so that the system is more secure. Creating audit trails is another way that managed print services keep your network safer. And when an old machine with limited security is weeded out of your fleet at your provider's suggestion, the rest of your fleet becomes more secure.

If your business needs better security, more hands-on training, an assessment of your fleet, and more, contact us today about getting started with managed print services. They can make an enormous difference in your printing costs as well as making the entire process of ordering and stocking supplies easier and faster.