What Does Document Management Look Like?

February 18, 2019 | Advanced Office

You might have read blogs or online reviews about document management, but even the best research doesn't always help you envision what it would be like to have document management in your business. Today, we'll help you do just that by giving you a quick look at what to expect!

What is Document Management?

You may have heard about document management or about specific solutions like Square 9 software, but do you know what document management really is? At the end of the day, there's one big thing you need to remember about this solution: document management isn't just about "getting rid of paper." Instead, it's about helping you take control of your printing, your organization habits, your file-names techniques, and your workflows, all by focusing on the way you create, use, and distribute documents.

A Closer Look

Now that you've got the basics, let's see what document management could look like in your business!

  • You'll use the cloud.

One big thing you can expect from document management is a lot of efficient, secure cloud usage. This can look different depending on your needs; it could be anything from mobile access to a shared repository for all of your files.

  • Your security will be better than ever.

Document management helps you identify weaknesses in your security, your workflows, and your habits in order to protect your data. It also helps you choose the most efficient solutions for secure sharing and distribution of important files.

  • You'll be more efficient.

With document management solutions, you can always count on efficiency. By finding better ways to organize, store, and share your files, document management makes it easier and faster to communicate without having to print too much.

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