Transform Your Workflows with Ricoh

December 12, 2017 | Advanced Office

If you're looking for affordable ways to improve business processes and increase productivity, get in touch with your Ricoh dealer. A multifunction system can transform your daily workflows, increase productivity, and recoup wasted time. Here's how.

1. Increase your print speed.

Are long queues at your copier interrupting workflows and putting critical projects on hold? Your Ricoh dealer can match a multifunction system with your print requirements to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

2. Give your employees a helping hand.

Ricoh's intuitive touchscreens make it easy for your staff to get the most from your multifunction system. With out-of-the-box user-friendly functionality, your team can get to work fast.

3. Save time with shortcuts.

Customize your workflows and repetitive tasks to cut way down on wasted time. On-device shortcuts mean your staff can use their time more efficiently and get back to key projects faster.

4. Take advantage of mobility.

Employees love the flexibility they get from using mobile devices for work. Ask your Ricoh dealer to show you how your staff can access, print, and share documents using their personally-owned mobile devices.

5. Reduce your energy consumption.

Lower energy consumption means a reduced power bill and a gentler impact on the environment. Let Ricoh help your company reach sustainability goals with environmentally-friendly capabilities that make going green easy and affordable.

6. Eliminate expensive outsourcing.

Are you paying too much for outsourced printing? Your Ricoh dealer can help you find a system to produce professional booklets, reports, brochures and presentations in-house and on-demand.

7. Stop paying your assistants to do menial tasks.

A Ricoh multifunction system can take over menial tasks like stapling, sorting, and collating so your staff can concentrate on value-added projects instead.

Ready for a demonstration? Contact Advanced Office today—your trusted local Southern California Ricoh dealer!