Take Control with In-House Production Printing

April 25, 2018 | Advanced Office

How does your team handle your production printing requirements? Do they send everything to a third-party copy and print provider? Are they forced to make the office multifunction printer stand in as a production printing solution?

Are you ready for something better?

In-house production printing isn't just for the graphic art and marketing sectors. Today more and more organizations see the value of an on-site production printing solution to handle their high-volume, high-quality print jobs.

Here's how the benefits stack up:

Control your message

For companies where branding and on-message materials are critical, in-house production printing puts your team in control of the outcome.

  • Eliminate the hassle of trying to oversee third-party print jobs
  • Take full control of your designs, including color and resolution
  • Tweak colors and make corrections as soon as you notice a problem

Control your costs

Are your costs for outsourcing rising each year? Higher costs are a good indication that it's time to consider purchasing or leasing production printing equipment. Stop paying extra for:

  • Set-up fees
  • Markups
  • Short runs
  • Extra prints
  • Short-notice print jobs

Control your timeline

Have you ever missed out on a marketing opportunity because you couldn't print materials on time? With no production printing equipment on premise, you're at the mercy of print shop schedules. By bringing your solution in-house, you control the timeline.

Control your information

Outsourcing means you've lost control on several fronts, and one of the most critical centers around your sensitive documents. Sending documents protected by privacy laws to a third-party vendor could put your company in violation of compliance mandates. Other sensitive documents include product development plans, company financial information, and company HR documents. An in-house production printing solution gives you more control over your confidential information.

Ready to take back control? To find out more about production printing, contact us at Advanced Office today.