Start Small to Go Big with Document Management

February 07, 2018 | Advanced Office

You already know the time to implement a document management system is now—or perhaps yesterday. You understand the advantages, but a system-wide process overhaul is never an easy sell. Here's an easier, measured approach that may be just what you need to get your document management revolution underway.

Start Small With Square 9 Software

Square 9 Document Management Software makes it easy to capture, retrieve, and distribute information across your organization using your existing multifunction copier. By selecting a document-heavy department within your organization to roll out your document management solution, you'll be in an excellent position to evaluate your return on investment.

We suggest Human Resources as the perfect test environment. With high paperwork demands, ongoing compliance hurdles, and processes that intercept with every department within your company, HR departments are uniquely poised to reap measurable benefits from Square 9 Document Management Software.

Identify your current HR costs.

Begin by gathering data that reflects your current situation.

  • Forms: Calculate the hours your HR staff spends to capture, process, and track the forms needed to support your employees.

  • Manual data entry: Paper-based processes are necessarily dependent on manual data entry. Calculate the personnel hours required for this process.

  • Errors: Calculate the current error rate and the associated costs to correct erroneous data or duplicate misfiled information.

  • Penalties: If you've incurred penalties for compliance violations, include these costs.

  • Storage: Calculate the cost-per-square-foot for filing cabinets and other storage solutions. Include off-site storage costs.

  • Searching: Determine the costs associated with paper document retrieval.

Implement Square 9 Document Management Software, then recalculate.

After your team has successfully made the switch from paper-based HR processes to electronic document management, you can evaluate your return on investment. If you like the numbers, you can roll out document management solutions throughout your organization.

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