Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Print Production

September 25, 2018 | Advanced Office

There are significant costs associated with printing needs for the modern business – especially those who regularly publish printed products. When considering the costs of print production, one must be curious on the cost comparison between an in-house production printer and outsourcing print materials. Printing costs are sensitive for any business, so making the right decision is critical to staying ahead of costs.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of outsourcing print production:

Outsourcing production print has many significant benefits for businesses:

Less Equipment and Maintenance

Investing in the printers and copiers that comes with production print can come with a hefty price tag. Many businesses do not have the cash up-front to purchase a print production setup for their office, and they don’t wish to enter a long-term lease or payment program to have the machine in-house. Outsourcing production print will save you from having to make the upfront cost of a device for your office. This decision also removes the need for equipment maintenance and future device upgrades, giving you long-term savings.

Lower Employee Costs

When production print is outsourced, you reduce the need for machine operators and administrators in the office for print related material. Outsourcing print production is much less expensive than the cost of an employee’s salary to operate your devices.

Improved Print Quality

Many businesses find their print quality is drastically improved because of the machine quality that print service providers possess.

Let’s consider some cons of outsourcing print production:

Layoff Costs

Outsourcing print production can be an effort to loosen a business of employees’ salaries – which saves in the long-run, but severance pay, outplacement fees, and health insurance costs can be expensive.

One should also consider the possibility of cooperating with a labor union if a union position is eliminated. This could result in repercussions with the labor union that could cause liability issues or the union to withdraw.

Increased Legal Costs

Anytime employment decisions are made, a business should consult their attorney on the ramifications of different decisions. Outsource contracts could also result in additional legal fees as well.

The decision to outsource production print or not is a difficult one – but we would love to help you navigate further through the options. To learn more about what production print decision is best for your business, contact Advance Office today!