Move Beyond the Basics with Square 9 Software

May 02, 2015 | Advanced Office

Is your document management solution living up to your expectations? Perhaps you were hoping for increased automation and a better flow of information, but all you seem to have gained is improved access to your documents. Not bad, but why settle for just the basics?

The fact is, document storage and retrieval solutions are just the beginning of a successful organization-wide document management strategy. If you're searching for more than just a basic electronic storage and retrieval solution, read on to find out how Square 9 Software can take your document management practices to the next level.

1. Deploy Document Capture Automation

Document capture automation is a web-based document scanning solution that captures and classifies information as it flows into your business. By integrating with your multifunction printers and scanners, Square 9 software can extract high-value data from incoming forms.

  • Recognize and extract data from forms as soon as they enter your organization.
  • Use Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract only the data you need from incoming forms.
  • Transform PDFs and other scanned images into searchable formats.
  • Reduce costly errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Automate and speed up business processes by routing extracted data directly to your workflows.

2. Move Beyond Basic Document Access

You've achieved 365/24/7 access through your document management solution, but is that enough? Would you like to move beyond access to project management, approval processes, and more, even when you're out of the office? Square 9 Software allows managers the access they need to keep critical projects moving forward, even from a mobile device.

3. Improve Compliance

Business process automation through Square 9 Software provides the solutions you need to maintain compliance. Activity tracking capabilities provide insight into the life-cycle of every document that passes through your organization, from capture to archival.

To learn more about Square 9 Document Management Software, contact us at Advanced Office today!