Managed Print Services and Your Printer's Security

October 29, 2020 | Advanced Office

Your printer fleet should always be safe and secure, and getting managed print services can help. These services help with the security of each printer and allow for better print costs at the same time. 

An Initial Assessment

One of the first steps of getting managed print services is to get an initial assessment of your entire printer fleet. Each printer will be examined for problems, and the security capabilities are assessed. If you have a printer that doesn't have enough security features, you can be told so that the printer can either be pulled or replaced. The printer fleet is a chain, and one weak link in that chain can cause a weakness that lets hackers steal data. 

A Comprehensive Security Policy

Managed print services can put together rules for how the printers are used in the office so that some employees can't access specific printer functions. This keeps documents and other data safer from those who have no reason to access it. It uses user authentication to either grant or deny the worker from getting specific printer privileges. This allows specific documents to only be accessed by authenticated users. This can be done either with a PIN or a smartcard. This allows for better document security in a time when data is highly valuable.

Monitoring and Managing the Printer Fleet

To help with your compliance issues, managed print services keep your whole fleet monitored and managed continuously. Anyone who uses a printer is tallied along with when they use it and how much they printed. This can be a big help in keeping unauthorized use at bay as well as ensuring that there isn't a lot of unnecessary printing going on. This allows for easier compliance, as many networks don't track traffic that happens outside of computer usage. Managed print services can also monitor against security breaches. Having better control over the printers allows for better control over the data they use and print.

If you are interested in managed print services for your business, call us to find out more about how we can help make your printers more secure and keep your data safer.