Managed Print and the New Normal

January 19, 2021 | Advanced Office

With just about everything turned on its head thanks to COVID-19, you may be wondering if this is the right time to implement managed print services in your business. Here are a few ways managed print fits into the "new normal"--and how it can make pandemic life a little less hectic.

The Modern Workplace

Not so long ago, "the modern workplace" looked a lot different--but now it's all about home offices, personal printers, and solutions that can be managed from the couch or the kitchen island. The good news is that it's possible to carry on, even with a pandemic outside your door--provided you've got the right tools, that is. Managed print services make it possible to anticipate, control, and simplify all the new challenges you're facing--including organization, communication, and security.


In this case, "organization" means two things: organizing your workflows, and organizing your physical environment. Managed print can help with both.

Firstly, managed print helps you keep control of your newly-scattered workforce, allowing you to understand how personal printers and mobile devices fit into your overall structure. (This is especially important for managing efficiency and minimizing frustrations.) Secondly, managed print can help you set up a safe, socially distanced office by strategically placing your machines. It's a win-win--and a perfect fit for the new normal.


Making sure that the right info gets to the right place was tricky enough before the pandemic, but now it's even more of a challenge. Luckily, managed print makes it easier than ever to create and support a simple, clear flow of data, information, and responsibility, even if your workforce is in a hundred different places right now.


Personal printers and devices pose a big threat to your overall security. Managed print helps create good habits, enforce rules about what information can be used or printed on which devices, and offer transparency about where your data is going and why.

So, does manage print seem like a good fit for your new normal? Contact us today to see for yourself!