Making the Switch to Managed Print

January 14, 2020 | Advanced Office

The printing that happens in the office is important, but it can also be expensive. The best way to keep its costs stabilized is to make the switch to managed print. With these services, the output of the printers can be lowered, and any downtime from broken machines can be eliminated. This allows for both higher productivity and lowers overall printing costs.

Lowering Output

When numerous employees are printing as much as they want from a large bank of printers, it's easy for printing costs to get out of hand. With this system, there are few to no checks and balances on the printer fleet. This creates no incentive for employees to cut down on their printing. If they think something might be needed in the future, they may as well printing off many copies of it. With print management services, it's quick and easy to see just who has been printing and how much. This gives employees a reason to rethink whether their printing needs to be done.

Eliminating Printer Downtime

One of the worst ways a printer can affect productivity is to be either broken or out of paper or ink. When this happens, employees have to wait around for the printer to be fixed or stocked. With managed print services, the maintenance of each printer in your fleet is taken care of on time. This keeps the printers running better, and it prevents regular maintenance issues from sidelining them. The service also orders and stocks the ink and paper needed to keep them running and keep your employees able to print what they need.

Waste and Green Businesses

Increasingly, people want to do business with companies that are better for the environment. When your printers are monitored, there is less use of them and less paper thrown away. This can add some green to your business' reputation in the community. Less waste means less in landfills, less paper that has to be made and restocked, and fewer bags of waste that have to be handled. Having less waste is always looked on favorably, and it can help boost employee morale as well as the company's reputation with the community. Employees will be able to say they work for a company that is taking concrete steps to reduce waste.

Getting Employees on Board

Your company can get the best from its managed print services if everyone is actively involved in the system. Employees need to be taught their new passcode system as well as how the print monitoring will work. When employees are compliant with the system, excess printing is eliminating, and printing costs get lower. 

If your business needs lower print costs, contact us about our managed print services to find out how to make the switch. Your business can pay less per page and do away with costly printer downtime.