Just a Holly, Jolly, New Hire

December 27, 2022 | Isha Pasari

I’m writing this from my very own office desk… my very first office desk! I’ve got a swivel chair, two large monitors, an endless supply of sticky notes and pens, and my share of décor that makes my workspace feel comfortable. While all these gadgets are exciting and make my job more productive, it’s something larger that draws me to Advanced Office- the culture.

What is culture regarding the office space? It’s more than just an environment, but the collection of attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that kindle a safe and healthy workplace… and anyone can create it.

This may be somewhat of a new concept, given that for many, overtime is often expected, vacations are frowned upon, and work is coined as a burden. Imagine that this wasn’t the case… the quality of our overall lives, not just our professional lives, naturally improves!

From my time here so far, I’ve heard the word being circulated around as the “magic ingredient” for our company’s success. It’s what creates such an inspiring environment, breeding the desire to show up for work every day. Our office walls remind us of who we are as not just as a company, but as a community, with phrases that read, “Integrity Always”, “All Hands Working Together”, and “Performing at Our Highest Potential”.

This matters to me, but why should this matter to you? 

We spend about 25 to 30 years working, which is approximately 1/3 of our adult lives. As a young adult, I’ve got quite a while to go myself! Given this, why wouldn’t I want to enjoy something that makes up a significant part of my life? With a large emphasis on our office culture, Advanced Office demonstrates priority towards the partnership between their employees and customers. With this high level of care, positivity, and commitment, everyone thrives- the company, the employees, the customers, and partners alike. To honor our top-notch work culture, the OC Register recognized Advanced Office as a top workplace of 2022 for the third year in a row.

So, as a little insight into my favorite aspects of this job, these are a few daily details that make my 8-5 just that much better:

  • Group walks to break up the computer work
  • Unlimited tea and coffee to fuel the grind
  • King, our cutest, sweetest, and “goodest” office dog

As the holidays round the corner, consider setting New Year’s resolutions for the office that set your company up for success. For me, joining the incredibly welcoming team at Advanced Office has been the best present I could have received this year!