It's Time to Get Started With Document Management

May 19, 2020 | Advanced Office

The time for better efficiency in the office is now. With budgets being strained from many directions, many small businesses are looking for ways to boost their productivity and make their office work more efficient. Document management can do both of these things for your business.

Scanning Documents

To begin a better system of document management, it all begins with scanning your existing documents. Whether those documents were created in digital space first or not, they should be scanned into the computer so that there is a good digital copy that can then be filed into your new filing system. Scanning documents can be a big job, but it is well worth the investment of company time. Once full filing cabinets of documents have been scanned into the system, it will forever be easier to deal with each of those documents. 

Filing Documents

One of the best things about a digital document management system is that it makes filing so much easier. When documents are scanned, they are to be given file names that correspond to your new filing system. Decide on the filing system before the pages are scanned so that the entire company can be on board with the new way of naming and filing pages. With a comprehensive, office-wide system, everyone in the company will know exactly how to retrieve files as well as how to name new ones to keep everything easy to find.

Retrieving Documents

Once they have been scanned in and have been named according to your new system, they will make a number of clerical tasks easier. Retrieving the documents will no longer require searching filing cabinets for the right pages. Instead, this can be done in seconds with a little typing. This means that less time will be devoted to finding and accessing documents, giving your office a boost in productivity. And because documents can be accessed so quickly, the extra time created can be devoted to customers to give them a better experience with your company.

If your company could use a better way of managing documents, contact us today to get started with digital document management.