Improve Your Production Printing Workflows Through Training

November 28, 2017 | Advanced Office

If you've ever updated your computer or mobile device, you're familiar with the pain points associated with learning the new system. Even though the updated equipment or app boasts time-saving innovations, we often put off learning the shortcuts and sometimes develop workarounds to avoid investing time in the new system.

Apparently, we do the same thing when faced with updated production printing workflows. And just like that update on our smartphone, our reluctance to learn a new way of working takes more of our time in the long run.

Avoiding Workflow Bottlenecks

Today's production printing equipment offers innovative workflow solutions designed to save an incredible amount of time. But just because we've introduced new technology into our workflows, it doesn't necessarily follow that productivity will automatically improve. In fact, sometimes the opposite happens. Here's why:

1. Using the new software just like the old software. We're creatures of habit, and many of us resist change. Make sure your staff understands and learns your production printing software or equipment update to take full advantage of its productivity-enhancing solutions. While this may take time away from key projects, the hours saved later will be well worth the investment.

2. Train. Then train again. The initial training offered by your equipment provider is invaluable. Take full advantage of it and make sure key staff members are there to participate. When new employees come on board, invest fully in their training, so they're not winging it and wasting your valuable time in the process. Provide annual refresher courses for all of your employees to review system updates, answer questions, and pinpoint areas of weakness.

Your production printing equipment is a valuable partner in your daily operations. We have training tools to make sure your staff understands how to take full advantage of your equipment's potential. Contact Advanced Office to learn more today!