Improve Your Company's Efficiency with Document Management

January 27, 2020 | Advanced Office
You know that your documents should be in one place in your home or job office suite. Did you also know that you should have a system that dictates how you manage paperwork? Companies often overlook document management but serve as a primary source of productivity. Read on to learn more about why it is crucial to have a good managing system!

What is document management?

Document management is a way for companies to manage paperwork so that there is a sense of order to the madness that is sometimes filing. Many businesses choose to use a digital management system that is driven by cloud computing when keeping track of pertinent documents. Such a system allows more than one person to access documents from anywhere but also comes with the benefit of restrictions so that the wrong person does not have access to sensitive information. 

Some traditional business owners may wonder why digitally managing documents takes precedence over paper filing systems. There are several reasons for corporations making the switch to digital when managing paperwork, with the most obvious being efficiency. Paper filing systems are a great backup to ensure that documents are not lost should a technical malfunction erase everything in the cloud. It is not a good idea, however, to entirely rely on traditional document management options because not everyone can drive to the office when they need a file.

There is also the issue of security. The only thing standing in the way of a workplace thief with a traditional filing system is often a key or passcode that secures the filing cabinet or room. The most advanced cloud computing systems do not make documents available to unauthorized users. Thieves cannot steal what they do not know exists. 

Why is document management critical?

Little impedes on an employee's ability to produce high volumes of work like an unorganized office. Workers cannot complete assignments that they cannot find. A good document management system, then, leads to increased productivity as employees can seamlessly move from one task to the next without leaving their computer station. 

A good digitally managed system also offers levels of security that may prevent fraud. The best document management practices require employees to enter passwords before accessing relevant information. Such is the case even if the worker has already signed in to the main system with his or her employee ID number. The workplace ultimately benefits from a good management system as employees can spend more time focused on promoting the company, and less time worried about replacing documents that were lost or destroyed. 

Advanced Office offers solutions to small and large businesses that can help with keeping track of pertinent information. Contact us today to start building your document management system.