Improve Student Records Management with Square 9 Document Management Software

March 07, 2018 | Advanced Office

Managing student records isn't easy, and when educational institutions rely on paper-based systems, the process is even more of a challenge. Fortunately, Square 9 Document Management Software gives administrators a way to clean up messy paper-based systems once and for all.

Here's why Square 9 Software's electronic document management strategy provides a much better way forward in 2018.

1. Reduce paper-related costs.

The costs associated with paper records are difficult to track, but a quick look at these paper-based systems leaves little doubt of the merits of going paperless with Square 9 Software.

  • Printing and copying student records.
  • Filing hard copies in paper file folders and binders.
  • Storage solutions including filing cabinets, cardboard bankers boxes, shelving units, bookcases.
  • Dedicated office space for file storage.
  • Offsite storage facilities when on-site storage rooms reach capacity.
  • Maintenance, repairs, and supplies for printers, multifunction systems, and fax machines.

2. Enhance document security.

The education system is necessarily document-intensive. And managing student records isn't just about efficiency; compliance regulations require robust security protocols to protect students' confidential information.

Square 9 Document Management software provides multi-layer solutions designed to allow authorized users access without compromising security.

  • Sign-ins and user authentications to limit access based on need.
  • Audit trails that log all actions by username and date.
  • Secure mobile solutions for easy anytime/anywhere access.

3. Improved document retention procedures.

Managing document retention schedules can be a time-consuming process, and repeated manual data entry allows errors to sneak in and wreak havoc with your carefully-planned schedules. Square 9 Document Management Software lets system managers define retention schedules for specific document types just once. After that, documents are automatically purged on time and without further intervention.

Are you ready to stay ahead of student records management in 2018? Get in touch with us at Advanced Office to learn more about the benefits of Square 9 Document Management Software today!