Hybrid Workplaces With and Without Print Management

May 05, 2021 | Advanced Office

As the pandemic rages on and remote work changes the face of the business world, hybrid offices might just become the "next big thing"--but how does printing fit into all of this? Let's take a look at two companies with two different approaches to find out if print management is the way to go.

A Word on Printing

Let's be honest: the pandemic has given companies all kinds of new things to worry about--and no one can blame you if printing isn't exceptionally high on the list. However, as remote work and hybrid workplaces become "the new normal," it's essential to make sure that things from "the old normal" are carrying over. That can include all kinds of details--like workflow solutions, budget priorities, and, yes, even printing.

Of course, the truth is that, like many things, printing likely isn't going to look the same as it used to. That can be good news since it allows your company to make positive changes and see brand-new results--but it can also be overwhelming, especially if printing was a pain even before COVID-19.

Luckily, there's one way to make sure printing fits smoothly into your new hybrid workplace: print management.

Company A and Company B

To understand how print management works, let's look at two companies, each adapting to COVID-19 by becoming hybrid workplaces. The difference is that Company A relies on print management while Company B is winging it.

Company A

Company A is confident and comfortable in its new hybrid role. Remote devices are "in the loop" and managed effectively. Mobile printing is utilized efficiently. The budget is transparent and manageable, with remote needs accounted for, and security is a breeze even across multiple locations. It's all thanks to print management, which helped Company A understand their challenges, choose targeted solutions, and bridge the gap between remote work and on-site tasks.

Company B

Company B is struggling. Without print management, their print environment is a nightmare. They don't know what their printing costs are between remote and on-site work, they constantly worry about the security of personal and mobile devices, and their communication and efficiency are both floundering. "The new normal" is not going well for Company B.

Want to make sure you're a Company A instead of a Company B? Contact us today to learn more about print management!